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You are a phone call away from our support team. We provide Online and Remote Connection help.

Our strong team are capable of helping you with your Information Technology problems, such as: Server management, End-User problems, Network connectivity problems and Accounting Software difficulties (Sage Pastel, Payroll, QuickBooks and many others).
We host your Domain, Website and Emails. If you are thinking of starting your own business, we will kindly register the domain for you, create the email addresses that your business requires. Choose your worldwide standard Domain (.com / .net / .org / and more).

Visit our new department ( to enquire the domain name you are looking for
Keep your Information Technology system up to date. Don’t let your office fall behind, we provide Preventive Maintenance in all Software and Hardware of your Server and staff on a weekly or monthly basis.

Keep your equipment fully functional and keep your working team at their peak of their performance. We maintain: Server room, End-User computers, printers, UPS and network.
Get your business well known in the market, by designing the perfect Website. Our designing team can develop anything that your business need. Get in contact with our team to get the Website of your dream. Register your business in the leading Online Maps.

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Web Design
Backup your files from any part of the world with our Online Backup Solution. Secure your data and your emails anytime and anywhere.

Synchronise your data on all your working devices. Experience the freedom of mobility, access to your documents at home or work with our Encrypted Synchronisation System and SSH Servers.
We provide a variety of Data Storage solution. Secure your company information on a daily, weekly and monthly basis with our reliable and encrypted backups.

We can recover your lost files with our Forensic Data Recovery tools. We manage the security and integrity of private information with permissions policies on your network.
Data Storage
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